Thursday, August 27, 2009


The dictionary defines sibling simply as a brother or sister who shares at least one parent. But, we all know things are never that simple. Siblings are a more complicated dynamic than just parental connection.

If you think about it, your siblings are the ones that have known you the longest. They have seen you in every emotional state. They have been with you during your growth and transformation into an adult.

Even if you are vastly different people, know you each other. They know what upsets you, angers you, saddens you. And, you know the same about them.

My siblings have been on the top of my mind lately. Possibly because my sister’s birthday was last week and my brother’s is coming up in a couple months.

I don’t ever remember a time NOT being with them. Even with my brother, who lives thousands of miles away. We are hardly able to speak due to hectic schedules, and both of our aversions to the phone. I still feel connected to him. Just as much as I do to my sister who lives three blocks away.

As small children, we three were a tight unit. My brother and I were cohorts during active times. My sis and I were sounding boards for each other during downtime and daydreaming.

The dynamics changed as the years passed. Our relationship strained, as it naturally does. This allowed for each of us to develop into individuals, and start the paving of our own paths beyond our family.

From those ashes, however, new relationships grew. Stronger bonds developed.

My sister grew into a strong and resilient woman and mother. My brother grew to be a loving and hardworking father of four.

I know I frequently take them for granted…we are family after all. But, when it comes down to it, I know what a blessing I have that God chose these two to be my longest running relationships in life.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where Do Babies Come From?

Holy Terror and Super-Wy are playing with the dog in the front room. I'm sitting at the computer, working on my novel.

Holy Terror comes and stands next to the desk. "Mom, mom. Where did you get Wyatt?"

My fingers freeze on the keyboard...uh, oh. This wouldn't be like telling the older kids. These two boys are...well, wild. Not only that, Holy Terror must drill to the tiniest element of something. I prepare for a LONG , DIFFICULT conversation.

"I made him, honey," I answer.

"In the garage, like daddy makes things?" he asks.

I snicker as both boys eye the outside, in the direction of the garage. "No, in my tummy." They both shift their gaze to my belly, eyes wide.

"Did you get the parts from the store?" Holy Terror asks.

"No, I grew you in my tummy all on my own," I say.

Both boys look at me as if I were a superhero...the awe twinkles in their eyes. Then Holy Terror knits his brow in thought.

Here we go...time for the interrogation.

After a moment of silence he looks at me, a little upset. "Why didn't you make me out of paper?"

Of all the weird, oddball things that he's ever said...

What does a mother say to this? I had to think fast, or the day was going to be...tense.

"I didn't want the rain to make you soggy."

To my surprise, he nods in appreciation of the scientific reasoning. Then he goes off to play with the dog and Super-Wy.