Monday, January 17, 2011

No...Not Again

It's started. I'm now in the first stages of unneeded. Woke up Saturday morning regular time and the boys were eating their breakfast.

Already made.

Already started.

No Mommy needed.

"We did it ourselves," Holy Terror informed me with a touch of pride.

What was I to do? I smiled and gave high fives. Told them how proud I was. All the while my heart was breaking.

It's started again. The first two, now in high school, started not needing me so much about the same age. Somehow I suppressed it, not wanting to think about it.

Now it's smacked me in the face all over again.


Well, off to continue my moping.

...sigh again...

Friday, January 14, 2011

I Want That!

Cinnamon Crunch commercial comes on and the little boys yell at the same time, "I want that!"

"We'll see," I say absently with a sigh.

A commercial for Nerf mega gun thingie comes on and the little boys yell at the same time, "I want that!"

"We'll see," I say with another sigh and a shake of the head.

The commercial of an older woman praising the Total Pillow comes up and the little boys stand up and start jumping and yelling, "I want that!"

I pause and look at the commercial then at the boys with a raised eyebrow. "Really?"

"Yeah! Yeah!" They wiggle and dance and chatter on about the awesomeness of the Total Pillow.

The commercial for the Portable Desktop comes up and...yup, you guess it...

"I want that!"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in 2011

Hubby and I aren't big time New Years celebrators. I know, usually our big family celebrate pretty good on holidays. New Years just hasn't been a big one for either of us growing up and we kind of carried on the tradition. However, this year we decided to at least do a little fun something with just us.

So, the Norris Ranch rung in New Years with a front room slumber party. Hubby went and got treats and snacks then set up the airbed for us. The teenagers piled onto the couch and the little guys made a toddler nest on the ground out of all the blankets.

Over pizza, taquitos, salad, and sodas we watched movies until 11 pm. At 11 we turned to watch the celebration on television. And at midnight --the toddlers already asleep -- we all wished each other a happy New Year.

I don't know what's in store for us in 2011. The last few years have been a pretty mixed bag, but overall the kids are healthy, our marriage in going strong, and we have work and a roof under our heads. All the other struggles in life will come and go, with new things replacing them. As long as we continue handling them together I think everything will be okay and the bumps will be manageable. (Crossing fingers.)

Hope you all have a happy 2011 from the Norris'!