Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sea Scout Ceremony

It was AWESOME!! My son headed off to his big AMR Regatta over Memorial weekend and Monday we got to go watch the ceremonies. Him and his crew are THE BEST!

They got a 3rd place win and like four 2nd place wins and got Schooner in the overall scoring (which is like second place…all very complicated and I didn’t fully get it either). I know, I know…they were disappointed, they usually take 1st and 2nd place wins with an overall Clipper award but it was still exciting.

Okay, to start at the beginning of the Sea Scout Memorial Day Adventure…we got the kids up at 5:30 in the morning and did the usual routine (morning arguments and preparations…yada yada yada).

Then we drove to the Sea Scout docking pier and met the bus along with thirty other parents and siblings. They drove us to The USS Hornet in Alameda where the regatta was hosted. Did you know those bus windows have very bright red levers that open them in case of emergency. This bright red just calls to little toddler boys…just saying. It kept the trip interesting, that’s all.

The USS Hornet is SO huge…you think its big, it looks big in pictures and film…then you see it and it’s massive HUGE. The little guys were in heaven…a huge toy boat with airplanes on it and EVERYTHING.

Inside the Hanger Deck there’s several historic airplanes, and the Apollo 11 capsule and decontamination thingy (it’s like an RV without wheels).

Ok, so after entering Hanger Deck…we head to Hanger Bay 3 where this whole ceremony set up is ready with rows and rows of Sea Scouts in uniform…they are awesome…so handsome and cute and like little sailors (okay, mommy moment over, just look at the picture while I dry my eyes).

Okay, dry for now. So winnings are called (along with mommy catcalls to the Chaser and her crew). Ashley walks the boys around the museum and planes so Scarlet and I can enjoy the ceremony without the glares that usually accommodate there presence.

Afterwards, it’s chaos and little sailor people crowding around and I can’t find my guy. Several minutes later I was able to get this picture of him in uniform…isn’t he handsome. Look, I got in a shot…there will be a record for my childrens children.

Okey, dokey…so then we all head to the Chaser for the ride home…yes (wiggles in seat from excitement) we get a ride home from our boys in uniform on their wonderful Sea Scout ship. I’m trying to play it cool so I won’t get Billy’s “Oh my God” look and I remain in the cool category.

Ok, isn't from the day…in my excitement I forgot to get pictures of them docked in Alameda’s Naval pier (I know, I know).

I did get shots of Billy working the boat after it was under way. Here’s the best of them.

We were on our way. The boys decided to detour through the bay under the Golden Gate Bridge and by Alcatraz for their passengers. It was cool, here’s some pictures:

Scarlet had a little bit of a rough time during lunch when we were in the boat. Some fresh air up top cured that right up and she was once again her hyperactive, dramatic self (man, I love her!).

Even between wrangling the little boys and keeping them from damaging anything vital, I was able to relax and enjoy the perfect day.

Parents are always proud of their children, and I’m sure they have reason to be…but at the moment their pride in their kids ball game, track record, or grade just seems a little…less to those of this Sea Scout parent. And it goes beyond my own son as they work in teams and I kind of feel parental to them all at the moment.

Come on, does their 14-21 year old know how to drive a 90-foot bigg-ass boat and learn Deck (lookout, helmsman, handle lines, fenders and anchors), Engineering and Navigation duties? I think not.

I’m feeling damn right cocky as a parent right now as it’s obvious these Sea Scouts ROCK!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Super-Wy vs Flame Throwing Figurine

In another episode of The Perils of Super-Wy we find him in the midst of battle with the newly decapitated Flamer Thrower figurine...all signs indicate possible defeat of Super-Wy and the end of peace in the city of Playtime.

Does he give up? No, he lets out his blood screeching warrior bellow (also known as a tantrum scream) and calls for back-up...Sci-Fi Geek (aka mom).

Coming to the rescue, I find Flame Thrower hasn't lost his head as Super-Wy fears...but only his helmet.

With helmet on and secured...peace resumes in the city of Playtime. Super-Wy and new partner Flame Thrower toddle off into the sunset (of the backyard).

*my work is done for the day...oh wait, he's crying again, off I go*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photo Show

Been a few days, I've had to finish up loads of work to start my home it's here! Ya! Not too much happening so I thought I'd dedicate today's post to a little photo show of the residents of the Norris Ranch.

Here's Daddy Fisherman and our hound Conner...gophering in a field.

And another of Fisherman in his natural habitat.

Here's the crew...Skater Boy, Drama Queen, Holy Terror, and Super-Wy.
It only took 20 minutes to round them up and get them all halfway looking forward in semi-normal expressions to get this shot (yeah, I'm a pro!)
Here's a solo of Skater Boy...ain't he just so handsome? He's starting high school next year..unbelievable, it went by soooo fast...

And my Drama Queen...she is the greatest, melodramatic, fun, peppy, melodramatic, quirky little girl...did I mention melodramatic?

Here's my littlest guys: Holy Terror and Super-Wy...ain't they just the cutest?!

Yes, this is exactly the kind of fractional moments that trick people into babysitting, realxing around valuable objects, or going with me to the store...heeheehee.
Well, that's the whole shambag...I'd give you a photo of me but, well, I'm always the one behind the camera.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Running Errands

So we've decided to start a garden in the back yard. Can we do a small garden with maybe one row of plants? Oh nooooo...Ash has cut out a 20 foot by like 10 foot patch out of our yard, 3 or 4 rows, and yesterday we got like 15 different garden vege's and fruit.

That leads into mu blog entry, our trip yesterday. Let me list it for you:
  • Dad tries to get older gets to go with us and pick out garden items
  • Older kids clarify the lameness of hanging out with parents and going to store with said parents
  • Dad wrangles little boys back into clothes (for the fifty-millionth time)
  • Dad draws patience out of some inner depth
  • Dad fights through commute traffic
  • Dad and boys pick up mom from work
  • Little boys ask where we’re going over and over and over….
  • Go to Ash’s work and pick up check
  • Tantrum from little boys in car because they can’t go into Weeney’s (actually called Sweeney’s but Holy Terror has trouble with his S’s)
  • Go to bank
  • Tantrum from little boys in car because they can’t help dad give money to the bank
  • Park and enter restaurant for a nice Mexican dinner
  • Mom takes Holy Terror to Restroom
  • Dad sits with Super-Wy and orders food
  • Mom and Holy Terror joins table, wishes she brought rope to keep Holy Terror in his seat
  • Holy Terror causes first spill of the meal
  • Mom takes Holy Terror to Restroom AGAIN
  • Super-Wy “cooks” the chips in his glass of water
  • Super-Wy causes second spill of meal
  • Boys don’t eat their food head back to car with boys asking where we’re going over and over and over…
  • Head to Wal-Mart for garden supplies and a birthday gift for friends daughter
  • Mom and dad split up for tactical efficiency
  • Super-Wy talks incessantly always beginning EVERY sentence with “mom” sometimes “Mom, mom”
  • Mom and Super-Wy get gift and wrapping supplies, head to fish area to wait to Dad and Holy Terror
  • Dad arrives late due to fact Holy Terror had to go to the restroom AGAIN
  • Get supplies and head out to car
  • Tantrum by Holy Terror because he didn’t get to put ANYTHING in the back of the vehicle
  • Head to Home Depot to get garden fencing
  • Holy Terror throws fit because we won’t allow him to go to the bathroom AGAIN
  • Super-Wy proceeds to howl all the way through the store like an animal to hear the massive echo and volume of his voice in the large warehouse store, thoroughly enjoying himself
  • Dads nerves fray and electricity shoots from his head, stops talking at this point and takes on a caveman like gait
  • Dad looses mind at checkout line due to lack of checkers
  • Dad goes in to pick up pizza for older kids
  • Holy Terror throws tantrum because he can’t go “help” dad get pizza
  • Somehow manage to get home without having a full nervious breakdown

That’s about the standard for running errands…but the garden’s looking great and only minimal amount of manure was thrown on Super-Wy by his own shovel.

Aww, the joys of parenting.