Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Peeps

Loving this Sunday evening. I look up from my book to see Holy Terror at my feet playing with his motorcycles and cars. Super Wy is halfway between the living area and kitchen creating his world through Legos. Drama Queen is listening to music on the computer and chatting with friends. And my oldest, Parkour Boy, is playing Star Wars on the Wii next to me. Occasionally, one shares a thought or funny comment with the others and there's giggling or growls and a response.

It's a comfort to sit and relax with the sounds of fake police sirens and burning tires. The chatter of Super Wy making dialogue for his people in Lego land. The clicking of my daughters fingers to the keyboard and the grunts and whoops and hollers of my son to the background of Star Wars music.

These are my peeps and even though we're all doing something separate, we're a unit.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

True Meaning of Gifts

Holy Terror puts the last strip of tape on his gift to Parkour Boy. It's crooked as is the wrapping paper and bulky folds. The gift is one of the perfect the little boys have done and the favorite gifts I like looking at under the tree. With a kiss and a pat on the butt, I send him out and call for Super Wy to come back, so he can wrap his gifts.

As I wait for little man to join me, Holy Terror comes in with an old shipping box. He sets it very carefully on the bed and gives me a conspiratory grin. "I need some tape, please."

I hand it to him and he starts pulling off a too long piece.

"What's this?" I ask tapping the box.

"It's another gift for Super Wy." He shakes off the tape from his finger and opens the box flaps. There inside is one of Holy Terrors most treasured fire trucks. Super Wy comes running down the hall and Holy Terros hurries to close the box and we tape it up together.

Super Wy stands next to Holy Terror and looks at the box. "What that?"

Holy Terror smiles down at him. "You'll see on Christmas. Its a secret."

They giggle. I expected Holy Terror to let it sit a few hours before reopening it and taking his toy back. A few hours later, after the kids were put to bed, I went out to the front of the house and there under the tree was the box. Written in rough pen was "Super Wy".

This is the true meaning of gift giving. To give a little something of yourself to make someone you love happy. I can't wait for Super Wy to open it Christmas morning and know that Holy Terror thought enough of him to give up one of his toys.

Monday, December 20, 2010

See? It's Christmas!

"Mom, it's Christmas!" Super Wy comes up to me, bouncing excitedly.

"Not yet. A few more days," I reply.

"No, no! It IS Christmas. Come see!"

He pulls me up and leads me into the kitchen where on the frig is the Christmas calendar. I look closely and notice a yellow color pencil line is drawn through the rest of this week...stopping at the day with the face of Santa on it.

"See! It's Christmas!" He dances in the kitchen, wiggling his booty and twirling his arms.

"Honey, it's only this day," I say pointing at today's square. His smile turns into a frown. "But look, only 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 more days! That's not very far away."

He smiles -- not as bright as his earlier one -- and nods. "Yeah. Not so far." His little chest fills with air and he lets it all out in a big, disappointed sigh before moping his way out of the kitchen.

Poor guy...if only marking days off a calendar would make the fun days come faster.