Saturday, February 27, 2010

That Means It's Done

Beep, beep, beep.

"It's done!" Super Wy hops off the couch and does a little boogey dance.

"Not boiling yet, Mom," Parkour hollers from the kitchen. I hear the little pings as he increases the time.

Super Wy gestures towards the kitchen. "Come on, Mom. It's done."

"No. It's not boiling. Parkour's put more time on the timer." I ruffle his curly red hair, which is always a matter how much brushing is done to it.

A cute frown purses on his face. "But, it went beep, beep, beep. That means it's done."

"Usually. This times it's not, Honey."

Hopes of food dashes from Super Wy's eyes. He looks close to crying as he sits slowly back on the couch and covers his face with his pudgy little hands.

"But it went beep, beep, beep," he whimpers to herself.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What the Heck?

What the heck happened to the week? It's already the end of Wednesday...this is crazy. Looking back I realize it was just a chaotic week that included insane writing fury on a story, heavy workload, and worst of all...sick babies.

Yay for Mommy and Daddy!!!

The cool thing about having a large family, though, is that siblings automatically draw to each other for support. As I sit here typing the older kids have set up camp to hang in the little boys room.

They're all giggling and joking.

Drama Queen's, "It's okay little baby."

Parkour Boy's, "It's a spider. No, just kiddin." (male-type support...very important I'm told).

These are some funny kids I got. What they probably don't realize is they're at their best when they're all pinging together. They bring out the best in each other.

Parkour opens up, loses the cynicism, and just really allows himself to be a natural leader and positive man. Drama Queen shakes off the sarcastic diva, slows down her over-thinking and shows love and tenderness...and thought to other people.

Holy Terror and Super Wy both chill out with the anarchy, conniving war strategies and adventures to just enjoy the moment.

Every time I see them in these perfect moments I feel like Super Mom.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Funny Little Youngling

Parkour Boy smiles and lays several sketches on the counter for me to see. "Check these out, Mom. I'm working on some new logos and these are three of the top ones."

His eyes shift ever so slightly and he nibbles his lower lip. Now, I know these actions together means he's holding back a request for something. Of course, I don't let him know I know this.

I eye the three very good sketches and point out the parts I like best. I also make suggestions to improve some other parts. He nods and agrees with everything I'm saying.

This is because of two main things:
  1. He knows I'm an artist and it's one subject where he listens to me almost 95% of the time
  2. He really wants me to say yes to something so feels butt-kissing is the most effective tactic
I ruffle his hair and smile at the end of my little comments and say, "Well done, Honey."

I then grab my soda and start back to my writing area. He's behind me, and I can feel the request about to happen.

"You're not using those sketches for a tattoo," I add as I head down the hall.

I hear, and pretend I don't hear, his whispered curse. "When can I get a tattoo then?"

I laugh, and laugh, and laugh all the way into the back room.

...Oh what a funny little youngling...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Brushing Teeth

I'm in the process of editing when I hear Holy Terror growl with aggravation. Looking over the top of the laptop, I see him leaning into Drake. He's trying to get something in the dog's mouth. Next to them is a cup of water.

"Drake, open up," Holy Terror commands in his most serious tone.

Drake shakes him off.

"I'm trying to brush your teeth...they have to be clean."

Holy Terror holds up Drake's lips and tries again. Drake shakes him off and I see that it's a toothbrush in Holy Terror's hand.


Dog grumbles at him, sighs, and rolls over away from him.

"Fine. I'll brush Connor's teeth." Holy Terror heads over to our other dog.

"Whose toothbrush is that?" I ask, not sure I want to know.

"Drama Queen's," he says off-handed.

...Oh boy...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Over the Top...What? Me?

I must thank my writing friend and all-around funny guy, Spammy, for awarding me the "Over the Top" Blog award. I love that kid! As part of the award I am to answer the following questions and then nominate five bloggers the award

Your cell phone: Nonexistent

Your hair: On my head

Your mother: Groovy lady
Your father: Mysterious

Your favorite food: Mexican food

Your dream last night: Scandalous...dreamed I got all the laundry done AND put away

Your favorite drink: Coca Cola

Your dream goal: To be one of those wrinkly old bikini ladies on a beach with cheap books and margaritas

What room are you in: Bedroom

Your hobby: Sky-diving and saving the world (oh wait...that might have been the dream)

Your fear: Alien Abduction
Where do you see yourself in six years: Six years?? I can't see six days from now!

Where were you last night: You can't prove anything

Something you aren't: Graceful
Muffins: Baked = yummy but Topping jeans = shivers

Wish list item: A week long cruise with my hubby

Where did you grow up: Wouldn't you like to know

Last thing you did: Typed "Wouldn't you like to know"

What are you wearing: I take the 5th

Your TV: Can read my mind

Your pets: Are my babies (and a little crazy)

Your friends: Are for life (and a little crazy)

Your life: Chaotic, loud, and perfect (and a little crazy)

Your mood: A little crazy (heehee)

Missing someone: I don't remember...I'm sure I left someone someplace...hmmmm

Vehicle: Goes grrrrrrrrrr, unless they need a tune -up and then they go rumble, rumble, grrr...

Something you aren't wearing: Wouldn't you like to know

Your favorite store: Bookstore

Your favorite color: Blue or green, or blue-green, or green-blue...or bleen...or grue

When was the last time you laughed: I'm still laughing

Last time you cried: I'm still crying (it happens)

Your best friend: Hubby (I know, cliche...but it's true. We're bonded through geekdom)

One place you go to over and over: The bathroom..and the older I get, the more I go
Facebook: Addict

Favorite place to eat: My Mexican or Pizza joints now to nominate five of my blogging buddies. Spreading the love that Spammy kicked off.

Thanks again rock!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NO...That's A Baby!

"Oh, look! He had the hugest eyes when he was little," Drama Queen exclaims holding up a baby picture of Parkour Boy.

Super Wy and Holy Terror rush over to see.

"Awwww! That baby is so cute!" Super Wy brings it over so he can show me. "See the baby?"

"Yeah. That's Parkour Boy when he was little." I smile at him.

"No, that's a baby," Super Wy clarifies, then points over at Parkour Boy at the other end of the couch. "That's Parkour."

"I know, Honey. But this baby is Parkour Boy when he was first born."

"NO. This is a baby. THAT is Parkour." Super Wy clarifies very slow and simple, so I may understand.

"I know. They're both Parkour. THIS one when he's little and him over there when he's a big boy."

Super Wy looks at me like I'm crazy, shakes his head sadly, and walks away.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Parkour Boy Turns Fifteen

"Three more years and I am on my own!" Parkour Boy smiles and tosses in a fist pump.

My heart cracks a little more and I fight back the tears. I smile, nod, and give my best "Mom-style" fist pump (the kind intended for full embarrassment impact).

Everyone else sees a young man growing into adulthood. I can see that too. But what they don't see?

The little toddler who squealed over dump trucks and fell in love with C3PO. The young boy of 5 who, for years, introduced himself as a paleontologist. The little toe-head who would run and jump in my lap and cuddle, but refuse to hold my hand in the store because he was "a big boy".

If I close my eyes real tight I can feel him as a baby wrapped tight in the nook of my arms. When we're on the beach I can look at him in the distance walking with his dad...and I'm not seeing the teenager in deep discussion. I'm seeing the little boy giggling and holding Daddy's hand.

I love him so much, and I'm proud he's independent, strong-willed, and excited to start his own adventure. But my heart breaks a little bit more the closer he gets.

Why am I a babbling mess? A cry baby at the drop of a hat? Happy one moment and completely a wreck the next?

Monday, Parkour Boy turns 15.

Don't get me wrong...I am happy but as any Mom will tell you, it's a double-edge sword. Each milestone ahead of them is farther away from you and your protective wings. And I'll admit, with Parkour Boy it's a little keener than the others. He's my first and the most like me. He's the one who altered my whole life. I looked into those baby blue eyes in the hospital and could feel the shift. THUD! My heart fell for him and I was from that moment on a Mother.

He's my poet, my artist, and my adventure partner. He's fearless, tiresome, internal yet goofy too. He's a brooder and a natural cynic. Parkour's an old soul who's ready to take each moment in depth and draw from it the most he can.

God, I love him (oh man, here come the tears again...damn it).

Happy birthday, Honey. I love you very much.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Chips

Super Wy's hand pops up from the end of the counter and reaches out.

"No chips until the soups ready," Daddy says.

Super Wy's hand disappears, empty handed. Daddy continues prepping lunch. Several moments later, Holy Terror walks in, chip in hand.

"Where'd you...?" Daddy spots Super Wy standing near the front room holding the chip bag. "Put those chips back."

Super Wy gallops in place, a smile on his lips and victory in his eyes.

"Dang it, Wy. Give me those chips." Daddy tries to hold back a grin.

Super Wy wiggles and dances with the bag. Daddy approaches, reaches out, and grabs for the bag. At the same time Super Wy grabs a fistful of chips and giggles.

"Super Wy! Drop the chips!" Daddy's trying hard not to laugh.

Super Wy drops some back in and runs off with the rest.

...Mission accomplished...

Monday, February 8, 2010

River Quest

With the return of the sun, the kids and I decided an adventure was in order. We packed up sandwiches, crackers, and drinks and headed out to the river trail.

The day was perfect with poofy clouds and a slight breeze. For some time we followed the paved walkway, then paused at a resting point.

"Mom, Mom. Let's go this way!" Holy Terror gestured.

Just beyond the paved walk, a little dirt path wandered out closer the riverbank. So, off the beaten path we went. About twenty feet in, we spotted a miniature house (the size of a small dog house) to the right, placed well into some bushes.

"That must be the Beavers' home," Drama Queen joked.

"Or the Bobcats," Parkour Boy countered.

Moving on, the path opened up to wetlands on one side and the river on the other. The grass was so green it looked almost neon. The smell of muddy river water and moist reeds filled the air.

"Animal tracks!" Super Wy exclaimed, dropping to a crouch. As I took a picture he looked up and smiled. "They're dinosaur tracks. Or a tiger."

Super Wy headed on, crouched and growling like a T-Rex on the hunt. We paused along a river bend and took some pretty pictures. Holy Terror pointed out the ducks with his long walking stick. Parkour Boy threw out a yelp and the ducks skimmed off the water and into the sky. But when I looked over, he hadn't been watching the ducks lift-off. He stood smiling down at Holy Terror who was giggling and smiling at the duck spectacle.

I played it cool and quietly enjoyed the brother moment, so as not to embarrass Parkour Boy at the "catch".

Throughout the next half-hour we joked and talked about the sights and sounds until we reached the end, where the river breaks through and seeps into the wetlands. The older kids jumped of the walk, down into the bank and helped the little boys down. The four explored the muddy area looking for fish and other nature treasures.

Certain moments caught my attention. Drama Queen holding Super Wy's hand as he worked his way to the edge. Parkour Boy grasping Holy Terrors shoulder before he lost his balance on a small log. Parkour Boy helping Drama Queen out of a deep soggy area so she wouldn't lose a shoe.

On the way back I remembered wishing I could whistle. This, so I could express the joy in my soul. The moment was so perfect. Thinking back on it now, I ache a little that we couldn't still be there.

It's these kinds of memories mothers cherish for a lifetime.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love of My Life

Bowling balls smashed into the pins. Teams, teens, and families either cheered or jeered. I followed my cousins along the dim, smoky viewing galley to the billiard room. There, on the other side of the pool table stood a tall young man with red hair peeking out of his hat and the brightest green eyes I'd ever seen. Those eyes looked up to smile at my cousins and met mine instead.

My heart skipped a couple beats. A slow blush rose from his neck up to his cheeks. My heart fell.

He had to be mine. I knew at that moment what it was to fall head-over-heels.

Sixteen years later and I still feel the skip of a heartbeat whenever I look at him. Every morning I look over at him and my heart falls all over again.

Today he turns 32 and we've grown a lot since that night at the bowling alley. The love I felt for him then pales in comparison to the love of today. Ash is an amazing husband and father, but most importantly in a long-term relationship, he's my best friend and fellow geek.

Geek you say? Oh yeah. He's not a sci-fi geek like me but he's got a bright big GEEK pin stuck on his heart. Besides our joint geeking of Japanese films, Transformers, and Rally Racing, his major geekdom is fishing (hence the cake).

For his birthday I let the kids have free reign to get him special stuff just they picked out. Super Wy got him a fake banana and a screwdriver. Holy Terror got him a rubber mallet. Drama Queen got him a carpenter square. Billy sketched him a fish picture and framed it.

Then the kids and I baked him a chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling and chocolate icing. Drama Queen decorated it with, of course, Ash's favorite

I cannot believe the luck to find someone so great and to still feel the passionate love after so many years. My only hope is that he and I get many more birthdays together.

Happy birthday you always and forever!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drake's Fish Story

(This is a story from what Hubby and I perceive our dog Drake's point of view was, based on his facial expressions and body language)

I'm awakened by noise in the backyard and rise to get surveillance of the situation. It is too late and the family is sleeping. Worry turns to relief and excitement as my Human Daddy walks in, smelling like fish. Oh man, I wish he'd take me to play with the fishes some time.

Oh, what's this? He's got a cooler with him. Maybe he'll have some snacks! I keep close and make sure my innocent and good expression is clearly on my face. The hiss from Hazae scares me and I quickly search to find him. Phew! He's on the counter. Jeez, what's wrong with that cat? Always so mean, can't even nuzzle him.

I'm going to sit and see what Daddy's brought home for us. Oh! Look at that! A new pet, and it's a fish! I've always wanted a fish to play with. We'll be best friends, I just know it. Oh, Daddy, I love you. We can name him Frank!

Wait...what the...what's he doing? Okay, maybe the fish has to have a bath. It's not nice to start a relationship with a bath, but Daddy's don't always know that. Humans seem to be fond of them. *Shudders*

Is that plastic thing going to be his bed? That seems kind of hard. He can borrow my soft doggie bed if he wants, Dad.

W-what are you doing with the knife? Dad? Um...I don't think Fr- Oh my God! What are you doing?!

The End.

(Don't feel so bad. That's what fish are for. Though Ash did feel too bad to eat the fish in front of Drake.)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Parenting Posts

Today I wanted to have a little fun - as if the Kitty introduction and Perils of Super Wy entries weren't fun. Any-who...With the advances in technology it's become easier to document life as a parent. We'd like to share some of our post entries with you. (Just so you know, I've edited them because...well...this is a more public domain than FB).

Give Me Patience...or Duct Tape:

"Only in the minds of teenagers does leftover bread become a reason for verbal war..."

"...In teen speak, 'I hate you, Mom,' really means, 'I still love you but am frustrated I can't spend the night at friends house on a school night.'...just so you know. And the door slamming is a virtual hug of sorts."

"Holy Terror had one of his sleepless nights...I'm expecting the demon possession to happen about 11...wish me luck."

Crazy Goofy:

"Holy Terror and Super Wy have TP'd one of the dogs! OMG, I'd discipline but it's too funny. Poor Drake looks like a walking Puppy Mummy."

"...I turn on the faucet to get a glass of water and the pull-out spray bursts water all over me. Turns out Parkour Boy rubber-banded the handle down..."

"...Holy Terror and Super Wy are attacking Drama Queen's room and then hiding in the back of the hall closet. Drama Queen is about two seconds away from 'Dragon-Firing-Breathing' status."

"I busted Super Wy drinking my soda. He just gives his sparkly smile, goofy giggle, and says, "Ya, it's in my tummy."..."

In the end, one of Hubby's entries sums it up well: "Ok, so it's a good day...I love my family."