Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nephew's Birthday

Yesterday was a fun celebration day. My second nephew, David turned five. It seems like he was just a little, bald baby.

I don't know how it is with small families (not being part of one myself), but in large families...time flies. I have four nieces and four nephews. When you add in my own four kids, the birthday's really drive the year along.

David is a blond little pistol and my Transformer buddy. He has these quirky characteristics that make him all his own little person. One of my favorite things about him is this trippy, grown-up mindset. He refers to his cousins and other kids as "the kids" if he were separate and not of the kid group. He also has a news reporters nose, reporting on everything that's happening as soon as it's happening.

He's can be pensive and internal one moment, and goofy and outgoing the next. David always keeps you on your toes.

Happy birthday, Little Man! Hope the day was awesome! Below is a little slide show of the One and Only - David.

Super Dad

I must give a super nod to hubby in today's blog. Due to illness this week, I've been home quite a bit and got to see first hand a day in the life of an At Home Dad.

All I have to say...I will never be able to understand how he does it. I thought having them all day during the weekends while hubby worked was difficult. The weekday is a WHOLE other story.

Hubby could write a book, he's that good. Even with the addition of me to care for this week, he pulled it off with tactical grace. I got to see the well oiled machine that he's created. It was an awakening, a reminder of why he's such a great dad.

His Average Day:

  1. Cooking a full breakfast of eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, fruit, and milk while seeing the older kids off to school and helping me find everything I need to get to work
  2. Pre-school appropriate learning channel for about an hour while he cleans up and put the kitchen back straight
  3. Outside time while he runs through an efficient outdoor cleaning schedule that ensures our house is one of the nicest looking on the block
  4. Snack time for little guys
  5. Nap time where the little guys ACTUALLY fall asleep!
  6. Hubby's quiet time of military or history channel and personal reset time (with the occasional nap)
  7. Lunch time of a fully prepared meal
  8. Again with the pre-school appropriate learning channel for about an hour while he cleans up and put the kitchen back straight
  9. Snack time
  10. Either inside or outside play time while hubby relaxes and completes his plan for dinner

Now, it seems like it would be easy to just take the above list and apply it....oh, no! It takes a certain person to be able to successfully activate this regiment. It's the difference between talking the talk and actually being able to walk the walk folks.

Ash just naturally walks the walk...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Robot's are from...Heaven?

Last Friday, Holy Terror watched me clean off and reposition the photo of my deceased father-in-law.

"Who's that?" It's a simple question. The younger boys were not lucky enough to get to know Dan.

"That's a photo of your grandpa standing in the city, honey," I replied. "He's in heaven now."

Holy Terror looked at the photo with interest. "Where's heaven?"

"It's waaayyyy up beyond the sky, deep in space."

He gazed up at the ceiling, probably imagining the sky. "How far beyond the sky?"

"Past the moon, way beyond the sun, and deep in space with the stars."

There was a long moment of silence (about 5 seconds in toddler time). "He's a Transformer?"

I have to admit, even as a mega transformer fan, it took a minute for me to figure this logic out. For those of you non-Transformer people out there...Transformers come from far away, in space.

I think Grandpa, always the funny man, looked down and laughed at that moment. It's the kind of logic he would love.

Tense Toddler Negotiations

Morning starts with the toss of the gauntlet by Holy Terror. He now doesn't want the dinosaurs he bought yesterday. He wants the motorcycle and rider Wyatt picked.

The stand-off begins.

Holy Terrors stomps with all his might. Super-Wy responds with his best warrior's bellow. The negotiator has to go to work. This situation will have to wait. The dinosaurs are placed in the safety of the neutral zone (breakfast bar). Super-Wy remains in possession of the motorcycle and rider by rights of ownership.

Negotiations flow to the office setting with a very important toddler conference call.

"Hello?" The negotiator asks from her desk.

"Mom, mom." Pause. "I'm giving Wyatt my dinosaurs and he's giving me his motorcycle and guy."

"Is Wy aware you are trading?" I ask. This sneaky trade tactic as been used before without the knowledge or consent of the secondary dealer. The result was near-toddler meltdown (imagine Chernobyl disaster, if you will).

"I get the dinosaurs!" Super-Wy chimes in with excitement.

Confusion of multiple toddlers speaking at once, and arguing about who's going to talk, ensues for several moments. This, until the daddy (aka conference liaison) speaks up and concludes the negotiation talks have been successful, and confirms the tension has settled.

All in a days work for the mom and dad of two tough cookies.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Soul/Old Soul

As a mother of four, I stand in a unique position of witnessing the spiritual diversity of humans. The statement may sound a little odd. True, we are all grouped together, in the same household, community...cultural society. Hubby and I teach them the same morals, values, and ethics. Therefore, the initial thought would be to say our spiritual core would be similar.

This, from my experience, is an over-simplification of spiritual evolution.

At the core of our household belief is the concept of a soul’s life span. That is, physical life is just one cycle of a soul’s life cycle. It is only one learning experience. In this system, there is the new soul (the rookie) all the way to the old soul (the crusty). The rookies are grouped up with souls at varying ages to help orient them. These groupings may go through several lifetimes together, set up in similar or different relationship dynamics.

Of my children…I have two crusties and two rookies.

The Crusties: Skater Boy and Super-Wy

They were born with knowledge. Holding them in my arms at the hospital, I could see the depth and wisdom. At each of their life experiences they look on as if they know the outcome. They look at the sky, the rain, the ocean as old friends in a reunion.

Their joy and wonderment seem to come from knowing the beauty of life around them and realizing the sustainment of life within this knowledge. They move at a slower pace, digging deeper into each experience instead of just grazing by.

The Rookies: Drama Queen and Holy Terror

They were born with the energy only found in heaven. Looking into their newborn eyes, I found innocence and hunger for the coming adventure. They fly through life with a zest to take in as much as possible.

They are clumsy, not used to controlling a physical form. They are often brash, not realizing the rules of speech and emotion. Looking at the wonders of the Earth, they are in awe, as if meeting a new friend for the first time. They run headlong without any knowledge of the results.

I love watching the interaction between the four of them. The crusties help damper the recklessness of the rookies. But, the rookies help the crusties see the forgotten excitement and adventure of life.

I have to say...It is a true glimpse into the footprint of life.