Friday, July 31, 2009

Just Hangin' Around

Family and friends can be hectic and crazy...but one thing they are is, well, fun. It'd be boring without them. We've had a busy couple of weeks with our friends and family (hence the lack of blog time). I thought I'd post the memories.

Of course there was a lot of just hangin' out (and no, our family doesn't just relax in parking lots...most of this section is from 4th of July):

Ash and friends/family brought home a bounty of crayfish so, of course, we had to invite everyone and celebrate. It was also my brother-in-laws b-day so we got a double celebration out of the evening:
Some handled their drink better then others...this little guy needed a ride home.

Ash and the kids were also busy with fishing and gardening:

There was some battles that had to be conquered:

(The Heat)

(The playground)

(Big brothers)
(And the stuffed animals of the wild)

There was time to be goofy:

Then there's always the times I force them to pose for me:
There's the latest and greatest....aren't they cute?!

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