Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drama Queen Turns 14

Wow! Has it really been 14 years? The girl makes everyday an adventure. Drama Queen's always been in a hurry. Even when she was born, which was a week early and took under 6 hours. She came out pissed, glaring at the world, and looked like she'd just been in a brawl with bruises all over her face because she was too stubborn to let her head cone. (Yes, her head came out perfectly round...it was creepy.)

She arrived with my family's bright blue eyes and the Norris family's auburn red hair. It lightened to a pretty strawberry blonde she's always wishing to dye. Born the only girl, we soon found out was because God was having mercy on us. She rules and "manages" over the boys - even the older and her father most of the time - because it's easier than facing her wrath.

I love the passion she carries out everyday with with. I love the moodiness that keeps you on your toes. And most of all, I love waking up, seeing her, and knowing she's my girl. With another year gone, it's another year closer to her leaving home and that makes me sad. I hope she looks fondly at her childhood years as she runs full steam into the teenage years.

I know she been a joy to us and we wouldn't have it any other way. So, happy birthday, Baby Girl! We love you!


  1. An adorable little girl who is becoming such a beautiful young woman. Happy Birthday!!
    ~ Kim

  2. I cannot believe she is already 14!! The grandkids are all growing up TOO FAST!

  3. Ok 1st LOVE the choice of song!! And 2nd she is aweomse, i've never even met her and i think she's great, just in her pictures, I can tell she's my kind of gal. She reminds me so much of you at that age, it's just crazy!!

  4. Thanks all! She is such a groovy, crazy chickie! I can't wait to see what kind of woman she becomes.

  5. Wow...time has gone too fast. She's a beautiful young lady and I can't wait to see her shining personality in person! - Lisa