Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's My Name?

The boys sprawled out on my bed, watching their Saturday bedtime movie. I sat working on my latest novel. When Will Ferrell was dancing and singing the show toons to keep dinosaur bird babies sleeping, Holy Terror inched over and looked up at me.

"Mom, Mom. How did you know my name?"

I looked down, perplexed. "Because you're my son."

"No. How did you know it was my name when I was born?"

"Oh." I stopped to think about it. Holy Terror's very detailed and answers have to be just right or all heck breaks loose. "When you were in my belly, growing, Mommy and Daddy looked at a whole bunch of names. LOTS of names. Then, one day, we read your name out loud and Mommy and Daddy paused, felt something shift in our hearts...and knew that was you. You were Holy Terror."

He smiled real big and snuggled into me. "I told your heart from inside your belly."

...I love talking with my kids. They make life so simple sometimes...

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