Monday, January 17, 2011

No...Not Again

It's started. I'm now in the first stages of unneeded. Woke up Saturday morning regular time and the boys were eating their breakfast.

Already made.

Already started.

No Mommy needed.

"We did it ourselves," Holy Terror informed me with a touch of pride.

What was I to do? I smiled and gave high fives. Told them how proud I was. All the while my heart was breaking.

It's started again. The first two, now in high school, started not needing me so much about the same age. Somehow I suppressed it, not wanting to think about it.

Now it's smacked me in the face all over again.


Well, off to continue my moping.

...sigh again...


  1. :-( it's funnt you posted this today. Aragorn lost his 1st tooth. So i feel your pain, just remember, no matter how old they get you'll always be Mom, and needed.

  2. I agree with Sam. You'll always be needed, but it'll just change and morph. It may seem to disappear completely but there be times. Just think about how many times your mom has been there to just listen and it make a world of difference even as an adult. I can however, understand the sense that something is lost with each skill they master. However, them mastering something just means that you are doing an excellent job as their mom!
    ~ Kim