Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot Dogs and Sandwiches

Super Wy hurries to the front room from the back, where he's supposed to already be asleep. He peeks out twice until I finally smile at him. He pops out and begins:

Gesturing like he's reeling in a fish. "I'll use hot dogs and put them on the fishin' pole...because that's how you catch really big fish."


He grins wider and puffs out his chest in a very important manner. "Yeah, the small fish like the small green things, but really big fish like hot dogs...and sometimes sandwiches."

His blue eyes heart falls all over again for this little man. What a crazy nut.

"So we're all going fishing and bringing hot dogs and sandwiches for bait?" I shrug, fully accepting this theory. What do I know? I don't fish. "Okay, sounds good. Just let Daddy know tomorrow."

He nods really big then giggles and runs back to bed.

There, his message is parted and duly noted. Can't wait to hear Daddy's reaction to this advice.

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