Monday, November 2, 2009

Bulletin: Candy Thief Busted

Daddy heads into the culprits's 2 hours after bedtime and Holy Terror and Super Wy are still awake. Holy Terror feigns innocence, but Super Wy is too late in reaction.

Leaning up against the huge stuffed tiger, his face is covered with chocolate. His hand stills hold the half full wrapper...all around him are wrinkled candy wrappings and quickly drying chocolate smears.

Daddy, holding a stern expression in the face of Super Wy's powerful angelic smile, orders him into bed and starts to pick up the mess.

But what is this? Super Wy is moving in an odd, purposeful way. A slight roll and slide movement while dragging the blanket oh so carefully. Daddy's astute instincts are alerted as he lifts the blanket.

More wrappers!

And above Super Wy's head...two more yummy prizes he was trying to salvage for later.


  1. That's awesome!! Yeah for Candy

  2. This is typical halloween behavior. Remember you only have a few more good years like this and will remember these moments forever and they will make you laugh!

  3. Heehee! Sugar rush = no sleep for a while.

  4. was a cute scene. I wish you all could've seen it!