Monday, April 20, 2009

The Inaugural Blog

After taking the twenty minutes to start this new venture of mine (after over complicating my anticipation of the event), I paused for several minutes…now what?

I could give a million word biography of The Life of A.R Norris that would thoroughly bore those unwittingly enough to drop in. That probably wouldn’t be a good start. How about right in the middle, no back filling, no autobiography? Just jumping right in…okay, nose plugged, here I go.


My third child, Brenny, had his fourth birthday this week. He’s beautiful with wonderful auburn hair (think shiny new penny), bright blue-eyes, and sun-kissed freckles. All this implanted on a wonderfully pale face, which I’m sure will darken like his father’s over time. But, for now I get the cute china doll paleness.

Of course, he’s also a holy terror, wreaking havoc on those unsuspecting victims na├»ve enough to approach him like a beautiful china doll. Those not prey-like enough to notice the gleam in his eyes are usually left picking up the pieces of their patience and nerves by the end of the visit.

Brenny started out quiet enough, though indications were there. During his birth he gave no hint it was starting and less than two and a half hours later he was here. Nevertheless, he fooled us the first 4-5 months. Quiet as a little mouse, wouldn’t even give a full cry when he was tired or wet.

Those nice family and friends title him a “Red-Headed Dennis the Menace”…those I’ve gotten to go places with me while he’s in tow akin him to the red-headed boy from the movie Problem Child. And those sucker enough (I mean, nice enough) to take him for a couple hours …well let’s not get into the Omen just now.

He’s so darn cute and good-natured enough to throw his brilliant smile, that everybody still loves and adores long as they don’t have to watch him.

He turned four, and just for the day, nothing he did was wrong. He is so wonderfully adventurous, ready for anything, and full of inspiring energy. And when he’s asleep, with his not yet gone baby fat, his cheeks, heart-shaped lips, and long lashes give him that angelic look.

No matter what havoc he wreaks on the world, it would be boring without him…and not quite as fun. Below is a video my wonderfully innovative and creative husband made to celebrate what is....our own enigma that is Brenton!

Next blog: the details of my long standing alien snatching dream...


  1. Yeah, yeah!!! I am just a sucker for cute boys!!!
    Congrats! Love y'all lot's and

  2. Congratulations on your first blog! Your talents show through as always! Ashley should make videos for a living he's very talented. Love Mom

  3. omg mom your so wierd but i love you love ya:)