Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Western Stand-Off

I went home early today, not feeling very well. After resting ,I laid listening to the sounds of my house with Cold Play quietly singing from my radio. Scarlet and Billy bickered in the living room, then left to cruise the neighborhood. Ashley mowed the lawn in the backyard.

Wyatt started crying, awake from his nap. Going in, he actually let me carry him from his bedroom, which he rarely let’s me do now that he’s a “big boy” of 2 and ½. Settling him down to eat (top activity for my littlest man) I went to go check on Ashley’s project in the backyard. A few moments later Wyatt’s calling me back in.

With Conner, our horse-size dog, on my heals I walked in to find Super-Wy and Hazae the Psycho Cat in the heat of a Western Style Stand-off. Hazae, seated on the table, leans in with his stare of death aimed at the brave Super-Wy. Super-Wy, defender of the lunch, has his fist on the food and is staring back with his fiercest returning glare.

They are at an impasse, the tension fills the air.

“No, Hazae, no!” Super-Wy harps strongly.

Hazae responds with a narrowing glare and flick of the whiskers. Super-Wy purses his lips in determination.

I sit at the table and tear off a little piece of the food, giving it to Hazae.

All is right again in the world as the moment of danger passes.

Wyatt and Hazae return to some unknown conversation only the two seem to understand; I get to sit and bask in the success of my mission.

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  1. that was really funny, oh this is scarlet too.