Saturday, May 9, 2009

Running Errands

So we've decided to start a garden in the back yard. Can we do a small garden with maybe one row of plants? Oh nooooo...Ash has cut out a 20 foot by like 10 foot patch out of our yard, 3 or 4 rows, and yesterday we got like 15 different garden vege's and fruit.

That leads into mu blog entry, our trip yesterday. Let me list it for you:
  • Dad tries to get older gets to go with us and pick out garden items
  • Older kids clarify the lameness of hanging out with parents and going to store with said parents
  • Dad wrangles little boys back into clothes (for the fifty-millionth time)
  • Dad draws patience out of some inner depth
  • Dad fights through commute traffic
  • Dad and boys pick up mom from work
  • Little boys ask where we’re going over and over and over….
  • Go to Ash’s work and pick up check
  • Tantrum from little boys in car because they can’t go into Weeney’s (actually called Sweeney’s but Holy Terror has trouble with his S’s)
  • Go to bank
  • Tantrum from little boys in car because they can’t help dad give money to the bank
  • Park and enter restaurant for a nice Mexican dinner
  • Mom takes Holy Terror to Restroom
  • Dad sits with Super-Wy and orders food
  • Mom and Holy Terror joins table, wishes she brought rope to keep Holy Terror in his seat
  • Holy Terror causes first spill of the meal
  • Mom takes Holy Terror to Restroom AGAIN
  • Super-Wy “cooks” the chips in his glass of water
  • Super-Wy causes second spill of meal
  • Boys don’t eat their food head back to car with boys asking where we’re going over and over and over…
  • Head to Wal-Mart for garden supplies and a birthday gift for friends daughter
  • Mom and dad split up for tactical efficiency
  • Super-Wy talks incessantly always beginning EVERY sentence with “mom” sometimes “Mom, mom”
  • Mom and Super-Wy get gift and wrapping supplies, head to fish area to wait to Dad and Holy Terror
  • Dad arrives late due to fact Holy Terror had to go to the restroom AGAIN
  • Get supplies and head out to car
  • Tantrum by Holy Terror because he didn’t get to put ANYTHING in the back of the vehicle
  • Head to Home Depot to get garden fencing
  • Holy Terror throws fit because we won’t allow him to go to the bathroom AGAIN
  • Super-Wy proceeds to howl all the way through the store like an animal to hear the massive echo and volume of his voice in the large warehouse store, thoroughly enjoying himself
  • Dads nerves fray and electricity shoots from his head, stops talking at this point and takes on a caveman like gait
  • Dad looses mind at checkout line due to lack of checkers
  • Dad goes in to pick up pizza for older kids
  • Holy Terror throws tantrum because he can’t go “help” dad get pizza
  • Somehow manage to get home without having a full nervious breakdown

That’s about the standard for running errands…but the garden’s looking great and only minimal amount of manure was thrown on Super-Wy by his own shovel.

Aww, the joys of parenting.


  1. Sounds like a normal day for you! Isn't it wonderful having small children.

  2. I know, it's amazing to think about it...what's silence efficient, quick again?