Sunday, May 24, 2009

Super-Wy vs Flame Throwing Figurine

In another episode of The Perils of Super-Wy we find him in the midst of battle with the newly decapitated Flamer Thrower figurine...all signs indicate possible defeat of Super-Wy and the end of peace in the city of Playtime.

Does he give up? No, he lets out his blood screeching warrior bellow (also known as a tantrum scream) and calls for back-up...Sci-Fi Geek (aka mom).

Coming to the rescue, I find Flame Thrower hasn't lost his head as Super-Wy fears...but only his helmet.

With helmet on and secured...peace resumes in the city of Playtime. Super-Wy and new partner Flame Thrower toddle off into the sunset (of the backyard).

*my work is done for the day...oh wait, he's crying again, off I go*

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