Sunday, May 16, 2010

Movie Night

With our work schedules, Hubby and I haven't had the opportunity to do something all as a family in a while. So when my work was hosting an outdoor showing of Star Trek we plucked at the chance. Camping chairs, check. Blankets, check. Jackets, check. Keeping it a mystery surprise for kids, check (until I slipped up twenty minutes before leaving).

We parked, unloaded - which is an ordeal in and of itself with 4 kids to wrangle - then walked into the courtyard where the screen, popcorn, and candy were waiting.

The older kids are comfortable with my work from all the employee family stuff it used put on, but for the little boys this was a true adventure. They ran around the courtyard, chatted it up with my coworkers, and tried to escape and explore while waiting for dark to set in.

In a funny way with the outdoor setting, blankets, and screen it reminded me of the drive-in.

I used to love the drive-in. The summer nights, dusty lot, funky speakers, and large screen. My sister, brother and I would crawl onto the roof and lay out under a blanket on a sleeping bag. As the middle child, I was obligated to the middle position. It was the rare occasion when that was okay because it meant I was also the popcorn holder and never had to fight for the blanket.

Most of the time I'd end up watching the people in the adjacent cars. Wondering who they were, if they were enjoying the show, what they were talking about. I miss those drive-in's.

Looking down at the kids, all laying down under the blanket giggling and whispering I was glad we'd taken the time to go. It's not the full drive-in sibling experience from my childhood, but was a little touch of memory they could share and remember when they grow up.

There was something I never got to experience that I wish I had...seeing a cool helicopter at the end of the evening.

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