Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sound From the Frig

Parkour Boy and I knelt in front of the the refrigerator. Drama Queen stood right behind us, gnawing her lower lip. The clock ticked loudly from the front room. Hazae meowed inquisitively from the counter.

"Shhh!!!" we all urged in unison, not looking away from the frig.

We stared. We listened. We waited.

Girgle, girgle, glup.

"See?!" Parkour Boy exclaimed looking at me in grossed-out confusion.

Drama Queen squealed and jumped lightly foot-to-foot. "Oh, my God! What is that?!"

The cat meowed loudly.

"...I have no idea," and here's where it's obvious I'm a mommy dominated by very boyish boys, "I hope it's not a mouse with diarrhea."


  1. My my! A mouse with diarrhea. That's disgusting. But intriguing, all the same. I wonder how it would be attainable...
    *Goes off to rig a mousetrap with laxatives*

  2. Eeewwwww!!!'re such a boy. Thankfully, it was just the non-frost freezer pan catch thingie (official term). It's just never been quiet enough in our house to hear it.