Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Day's Worth

Little boy giggles follow me down the hallway...along with what I think are new mysterious pencil markings on the wall. I enter the front room and plop onto the couch, taking a deep sigh and looking around.

The area rug is crooked and bubbled up to make mountains ranges, valleys, and roadways for toy cars. The coffee table is off-center to make the perfect angle for karate flips. Blankets spill out of the bench seat, castoffs from the makeshift tent. The table still has cups of water half drunken. Little dried footprints line from the backdoor to the table from the toddler swim party. There's a weird dripping coming from the kids bathroom, and the dogs are MIA in the back yard.

If the household carnage before me is any was a full day.

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