Friday, November 5, 2010

Dinner with Dinosaurs

I knew something was up when Super Wy brought in an upside down laundry basket to sit on instead of the dinner chair. After taking our seats, the boys started growling.

Holy Terror looked at me, "I'm a carnivore!"

"But you're eating mac and cheese too, Honey. That makes you an omnivore."

"NO! I'm a dinosaur. I'm a carnivore!" He growls and takes another bite.

"Okay...Daddy, take away the mac and cheese. He's only a meat eater. He doesn't eat non-meat."

"Wait...I eat everything," Holy Terror decides.

"Then you're an omnivore. Lots of dinosaurs ate both." I'm not sure if this is a lie, but sacrifices must be made and it's one uncertainty I'm willing to live with to ensure they eat their dinner.

"Yeah, I'm an omnivore."

Super Wy bites into a slice of steak dripping in ketchup with only his mouth. After several bites and a scowl at the vege's and mac and cheese he growls and says, "I AM a carnivore."

...Can't win them all, I guess...

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