Friday, November 19, 2010

Yippee for the Holidays!

Okay. Okay. I'm having to reign in my excitement. It's nearing THE day. MY day. My favorite, favorite, favorite, not my birthday. (THAT day we never speak of....ever.)

THANKSGIVING!!! I keep finding myself daydreaming about it this week. I love this day so much. It's the perfect holiday. It is patriotic because it's all ours (US of A baby). It asks for nothing but you to hang out with your family. No gifts and no expectations other than eating, laughing, and sharing the family stories with the kids.

I can't until it's here...only 6 more days and whoa-la!


  1. Thanksgiving is also my favorite holiday too! (Well except this one because of travels to KS, but usually when it's here at home, yummy smells from the kitchen surrounded buy happy faces etc, it makes it awesome. I agree with everything else you said about no other expectations. Happy Thanksgiving in advance!
    ~ Kim

  2. *Hi-5* Yay for the Thanksgiving groupies!!!!