Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Relaxation

Last day of the holiday vacation. Tomorrow it's back to reality. It was such a wonderful week. I'd upload the photos, but Holy Terror accidentally broke our camera earlier in the week and we had to use a, I'll post them once we get them back from the processing center (ha ha, as soon as I get them TO the processing center). It also means Hubby and I are shopping around for a new digital camera.

We spent two wonderful days in Bodega Bay. Then we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. To read about that, visit the Desert Breeze blog where I did a Thanksgiving Guest Blog. Friday and Saturday were all about hanging with my crew.

Tonight we put up the Christmas decorations and begin the last days of 2010. My nostalgia is in full gear, so prepare for the yearly sappy blog posts to start hitting...sorry y'all.

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  1. In all the holiday plans and travel I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday...shame on me! I hope you had a good one!
    ~ Kim