Monday, September 14, 2009

New Soul/Old Soul

As a mother of four, I stand in a unique position of witnessing the spiritual diversity of humans. The statement may sound a little odd. True, we are all grouped together, in the same household, community...cultural society. Hubby and I teach them the same morals, values, and ethics. Therefore, the initial thought would be to say our spiritual core would be similar.

This, from my experience, is an over-simplification of spiritual evolution.

At the core of our household belief is the concept of a soul’s life span. That is, physical life is just one cycle of a soul’s life cycle. It is only one learning experience. In this system, there is the new soul (the rookie) all the way to the old soul (the crusty). The rookies are grouped up with souls at varying ages to help orient them. These groupings may go through several lifetimes together, set up in similar or different relationship dynamics.

Of my children…I have two crusties and two rookies.

The Crusties: Skater Boy and Super-Wy

They were born with knowledge. Holding them in my arms at the hospital, I could see the depth and wisdom. At each of their life experiences they look on as if they know the outcome. They look at the sky, the rain, the ocean as old friends in a reunion.

Their joy and wonderment seem to come from knowing the beauty of life around them and realizing the sustainment of life within this knowledge. They move at a slower pace, digging deeper into each experience instead of just grazing by.

The Rookies: Drama Queen and Holy Terror

They were born with the energy only found in heaven. Looking into their newborn eyes, I found innocence and hunger for the coming adventure. They fly through life with a zest to take in as much as possible.

They are clumsy, not used to controlling a physical form. They are often brash, not realizing the rules of speech and emotion. Looking at the wonders of the Earth, they are in awe, as if meeting a new friend for the first time. They run headlong without any knowledge of the results.

I love watching the interaction between the four of them. The crusties help damper the recklessness of the rookies. But, the rookies help the crusties see the forgotten excitement and adventure of life.

I have to say...It is a true glimpse into the footprint of life.

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