Friday, September 18, 2009

Robot's are from...Heaven?

Last Friday, Holy Terror watched me clean off and reposition the photo of my deceased father-in-law.

"Who's that?" It's a simple question. The younger boys were not lucky enough to get to know Dan.

"That's a photo of your grandpa standing in the city, honey," I replied. "He's in heaven now."

Holy Terror looked at the photo with interest. "Where's heaven?"

"It's waaayyyy up beyond the sky, deep in space."

He gazed up at the ceiling, probably imagining the sky. "How far beyond the sky?"

"Past the moon, way beyond the sun, and deep in space with the stars."

There was a long moment of silence (about 5 seconds in toddler time). "He's a Transformer?"

I have to admit, even as a mega transformer fan, it took a minute for me to figure this logic out. For those of you non-Transformer people out there...Transformers come from far away, in space.

I think Grandpa, always the funny man, looked down and laughed at that moment. It's the kind of logic he would love.


  1. Awww that's really cute!

    One time a friend of mine was talking about God to her son. She always pointed up.

    Many days/weeks later, the light bulb blew. Yup, the son thought God had gone.

    Now my friend is careful where she points!

  2. Oh, that's funny Yuna! Such a cute moment.

    Thanks Spam. It was cute. He's so ernest in his's adorable.