Monday, October 19, 2009

Fifteen Years and Going Strong

As one of my favorite science fiction writer’s, Robert Heinlein, said “Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
To me, this quote holds the essence of love as it is the secret ingredient to a lifetime of lasting relationship.

Ashley and I were teenagers when we fell in love. We were different people then than we are now. Through all those years we grew, matured, and changed. But amazingly, the love at the core of who we are not only stayed, but strengthened.

Ashley has become the poster father and husband. He’s a loyal friend and family member. Ashley meets conflict and turmoil with a sense of strength and perseverance that shows his natural leadership. His sense of right and wrong define who he is, which is committed, loyal, and passionate.

I fell in love with the boy, I stayed in love with the man…and that’s important. I know his flaws, his weaknesses, and his fears. These things he doesn’t often show to others. Yes, I know these things and I respect and love him more for always facing and overcoming them.

Yesterday was Ashley and I’s 6 year wedding anniversary and 15 year marking point in our relationship. Family and friends rarely use our name in conversation without saying the others name as well…it’s usually “Ashley and Amber” or “Amber and Ashley”. I like it this way, and look forward to a lifetime with him.


  1. That's so awesome. :) Happy anniversary, Amber and Ashley. :D


  2. You do make a great couple and Have done very well with your family You both make a perfect couple because you do work things out together and respect each other.. Love Your Auntie Di

  3. Thank you so much Auntie Di for the words...they mean a lot to Ash and I.