Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long Lost Friends

What kind of connections does a person have to have with another to transcend beyond a decade? I’m not sure it can be put into words, but I have this connection with two dear friends. This connection held and just this last week, fate put us back in touch.

Imagine my joy when it happened. A simple inquiring email…”Is this you?” and that connection buzzed through my system.

“Wow…they still remember me.”

I was humbled to have such friends that this connection would hold strong. A friendship that helped define who I was.

“Wow…they missed me.”

I was honored to have such a connection that the sisterly love we felt for each other would remain in the core of us.

“Wow…the friendship is just as easy.”

I was elated that we could fall back into the core connection so fast. Yes, we are all three married moms with careers, homes, and lives. Nevertheless, that core connection evolved, staying within the undercurrent hum of life. That trust and honest excitement for each other. That un-quantifiable worry and hope you have for them and their happiness.

God really does work in mysterious ways to provide the “food for the soul” you need. He gives you back what you lost…when you truly are ready to receive it.

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