Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Addition

Yesterday we welcomed a new addition to the Norris Ranch. Drake Norris.

A five year old black lab. I was nervous when I got the call from Ash that he'd checked out the dog and really felt he needed to be part of our family.

Households, even ones as chaotic as ours, have an existing delicate balance. One wrong move and the whole structure can boil into meltdown. Would Drake be a good fit? Would the kids and Connor accept him? What happened if it didn't work out and suddenly he'd have to leave? Would that traumatize our household all over again?

I don't know why I worried. Drake got home yesterday evening and settled right in. He's calm, sweet, and good-natured. His cute chubby tummy waddled as he hurried around, getting to know his new home and family.

He and Connor hit it off pretty quickly (except a food incident that is best forgotten).

I love moments like these. Sometime we start to think that everything is in place and all that has to happen is time ticking down the tracks. We often forget that life is incomplete. The tracks are never laid down all the way to the end destination.

And most of the time, you don't expect the kind of tracks that get laid down or the direction they curve. But when the unexpected happens and you realize it was a missing's a wonderful gift and a moment to cherish.

We are all so happy for our unexpected new addition to the family. Welcome home Drake!

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