Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Annnnnd....We're Back!

Yes, the Norris Ranch is finally back on its feet. All kids are healthy. Both parents are healthy. Dogs and cat are...well...okay, they were never sick.


Last night was the first night things were back to routine and let me tell you...Phew! Our lives are so normally chaotic, loud, and crazy but there's a pattern and ritual to it. It's a positive chaotic, loud, crazy.

Ash and I knew something was off when, during the sick, the house was quiet, lights were dim and/or off, and no one was arguing or laughing.

But, like I was saying, it's all back. There's monsters and dinosaurs growling and eating action figures. Kitty is getting Super Wy into trouble (so Super Wy claims), Parkour Boy and Holy Terror are wrestling in the front room. Drama Queen's mouth and eye rolls are in full gear.

This weekend we're going to celebrate our health with a nice hike in the Valley.



  1. Whoohoo for sending those Germ Gremlins packing! Enjoy the hike :)

  2. Huzzah for good health and hikes and hikes in good health and good healthy hikes and hiking good health any other combination of the two that I can't think of!

    Oh, by the way, I tagged you on my blog. See my latest post for more details.

  3. Yes, the Germ war was successful in my camp.

    I saw your tag, Spammy, and am on it. Should be able to post it tomorrow or Thursday. 10 years is a lot to think about and I don't think my dream of early-early retirement and a beach in Mexico is happening so soon. *sigh*