Monday, March 1, 2010

Stinkin' Line

I hurry through the sliding entry doors of CVS and start looking for the items on my mental list. Parkour's holding Super Wy's hand and I've got a tight grip on Holy Terror.

(Holy Terror + Store = Potential Time Bomb Waiting to Happen)

"Oh man, Mom. There's a huge stinkin' line. Check out will take forever," Parkour Boy says under his breath to me.

I nod agreement as my hopes of a quick trip are crushed.

We are passing the incontinence aisle when Holy Terror pipes in with, "What are those?"

Now, anyone who knows Holy Terror knows he was not born with volume control. So, everything he says is one notch away from a yell.

"They look like diapers, but why are old people on them?"

"Shh, Honey. Don't worry about those...and keep your voice down," I say, tightening my grip a bit to ensure he doesn't leap over for a better look.

We go through and pick up everything and I prepare for the wait in line with one teenager and two crazy toddlers.

We stand behind about eight people with full carts and baskets.

Holy Terror tosses a big sigh and groans, "Man, this is a stinky line."

Holy Terror and his loud voice rides again...

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