Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cow Milk and Ice Cream

When the teenagers were little and the toddlers not even thought of, our main transportation was the city bus. Well, time goes how it goes and our one car became two and the bus riding stopped.

We were on the way to dinner last Friday with my mom and her husband when a bus passed by. The little toddlers looked at it with amazement as they always do. Such an exciting and mysterious contraption for them. They talked about it like it was the most wonderful thing.

And then it hit me. That's what we need, a bus adventure.

Saturday morning we set up and headed out. Holy Terror and Super Wy were like human atoms, boucning around with excitement. The teenagers didn't quite get it, but were having fun and getting into the spirit.

There we stood waiting at the bus stop, Billy standing on the tree stump to keep watch. Within 5 minutes, he called, "Here it comes."

The big bus rumbled to a stop and shoosh the doors folded open. The little boys are shaking and making weird hyper squeaking noises. They stepped up behind me, holding their big sibling's hands. Of course, that is, long enough to get by me and zip to the back of the bus.

I had so much fun watching them look out the big windows and say hello to everyone who came on and off the bus during our 30 minute ride to downtown. Then we transferred to go from downtown to the other side of town, where we surprised Daddy at work and joined him for lunch at Foster Freeze.

Now, at this point you're probably wondering about the title of this post. "What does cow milk and ice cream have to do with the bus ride?"

Let me go on here. We finished our meals and started in on our ice cream dessert when Daddy asked Super Wy, "What is ice cream made of?"

"Milk," he responded, taking another lick.

"Where does milk come from?" Scarlet asked.

"Cows...they pee it out," he said in his most serious tone and took another lick.

...and now you know...I bet you thought I was going to have another emotional mommy moment pouring onto the screen, huh?

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