Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dinosaur Woods. Log Entry...

Okay, okay. I know you're glad I didn't complete the Star Trek reference. I'll just jump into the Dinosaur Woods trip.

The hiking trail on the outskirts of town is not really called the Dinosaur Woods, but it's our name for it. I'd almost forgotten until the little boys were watching a dinosaur movie and people were running through a forest. Holy Terror piped in with, "It's Dinosaur Forest".

Memories flooded in where Parkour Boy and Drama Queen were the little boy's ages. We'd packed a lunch then too, and worked our way up and down the valley hills to the trail mound and looked out at the entire valley.

Sunday we started out about an hour before lunch. There are dozens of paths to choose from and each led you through a vastly different scenery on the way towards the top. I let the kids choose the paths we took and allowed them to stop and explore, play, or rest whenever.

Super Wy and Holy Terror were on the look out for real dinosaurs, but just in case, Super Wy brought his own. We have good documentation of his activities throughout our journey.

The whole trip was so wonderful and all the kids had fun. There were our normal mishaps and chaos, but it wouldn't be the Norris' without them. Super Wy's stumble, Scarlet's infamous eye rolls, Parkour Boy's vanity of picture taking, and Holy Terror's ritual meltdown.

Minor stuff in our world.

As we rose to the top and looked out, I watched all the kids connect the big picture of their presence. This is their home; a place that will always be a part of them.

Yet, for the older kids, I saw a bit more. They took that moment to validate their place, then looked further out. Just beyond is the adventure that they will be taking in a few short years. Parkour, I could sense, felt it the most. And to my little sadness, I saw the mental gnawing at the bits to get started.

Ugh, every Mom moment these days seems to be bittersweet. Time's just flying by faster each year. I pushed it aside, like I do ALL the other Mom moments and focused on picture taking - or "Momarrazi", as the kids call it - and enjoying the moment before it was gone.

The trip back was a bit slower, and the kids passed out once we got home. Any trip that ends in my little boys dropping to sleep in the middle of day is a great trip.

Hope you all enjoyed the post, and are busy making your own moments!


  1. Momarrazi i love it!! I am TOTALLY a Momarrazi member. I love this post and the pics, the area looks lovely, can't wait to come visit you all in Cali!!

  2. Oh, I know you're a Momarrazi, Chickie! I can't wait to see you all! And you'll definitely have to come out and see our Valley.