Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Billy Has Graduated 8th Grade!!!

February 15, 1995…that is when our whole world shifted. William Joseph Norris was born that day at 12:20 pm and his blue-gray eyes looked up calmly, ready to take on the world.

And yesterday, he conquered his first big milestone…Middle School.

I was so proud hearing his name being called and then watching him take the certificate, shake all their hands, and walk the aisle back to his seat.

Here are some more pictures of the day…isn’t he so cute? (I mean handsome)

This is Billy with his friend Andrew.
This is the reception afterwards. A lot of parents and family showed up which was cool. They served punch and cookies (yum!).

Redwood Middle School faculty and organizers did such a great job setting this up and really made it a special event. But the real superstars were the kids who became high schoolers and of course, Billy who is our own superstar.

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