Friday, June 26, 2009

Summertime Is Here...Along with Boredom

Summertime is here.

The last few weeks of school, the two older kids thought of nothing but that last day of class before summertime. Of course, not much thought had transpired in their head to what will happen after the last day except…freedom.

Now, how many days since June 10? The kids are already…you guessed it, bored.

The bickering has started, the whining of “nothing to do” is here, and the morning grumpiness due to late nights as arrived. Their freedom has turned into the ultimate blah-hum-bug for the house.

But, I can’t help smiling.

This is the nature of the beast. I’ve lived it for years and year now with them. They’re so used to others regimenting their daily life; now that their “freedom” has arrived they don’t know what to do. It’s a part of growing up, this learning to schedule your daily activities beyond the weekend burst.

Many parents are tempted to fill days of activities for their kids, to keep them busy throughout the summer. That’s one way to do it, it’s not a bad thing and for younger children it’s a must. But for me with the older kids, I keep the planned activities sparse for a reason.

I want to watch and let my teenage kids work it out. My only involvement is in the advisement and guidance. I’ll give them ideas if they ask, I’ll approve their suggestions once there voiced, and I’ll give boundaries to chosen activities…or adventures as I like to call them in the house (adds a little panache to it…don’t you think?)

So now we’re at the bored stage and what do you know…they are starting to plan the next day and the next week on their own. They’re thinking up walking trips, bus rides, movies they want to see. I didn’t have to even give suggestions yet.

It’s nice watching them near the next phase towards adulthood.

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