Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day!!!

Today is Father's Day, or known as Daddy's Day in our household.

To celebrate our favorite dad the kids and I worked on a Daddy's Day poster, we got him a fishing backback that he'd been wanting, and I created a video highlighting the best dad in the world...Ash.

Ash is one of the most dedicated father's I've ever met. The kids are always comfortable talking, playing, and just hanging out with him. He's an amazing cook, mechanic, and repairman.

He's the most active person I've ever met and I don't think he ever sits longer than 5 minutes. His energy levels and attention to detail help keep the lawn and garden's looking fabulous, the cars always clean, and is the main reason the garage is obsessively organized.

Most importantly though he's a great friend, husband, and father. So if you want to meet the greatest dad, click on the slideshow below.

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