Monday, December 28, 2009

Mommy Creed

I’m not a perfect mom. I’m not a horrible mom. I'm just a normal mom.

No one will ever mistaken me for Joan Cleaver. I’m just not that cooking, homemaking, happy-go-lucky, never frazzled mom. Nope. I’m passionate and a little quirky with a tough, no-nonsense core.

Don’t get me wrong, no one would ever mistake me as NOT being a mom. I turn into the natural host and coordinator at events and gatherings. I ensure co-workers do not place their sleeves on dirty tables. I call people sweetie as I would my children.

The cream of the crop? I wipe dirt off my children’s faces with my spit.

Each mom is their own make and model. Uniqueness should be encouraged. But, like all things, society tries to implant a cookie-cutter framework. And as any other mom, I scour the articles for ways to be a better parent and grow better children. I build up guilt and focus on where I’m lacking based on these self-decided experts. Then hubby has to re-enforce my good mommy status by reminding me all the great things I do for my kids.

To help remind myself, I officially am declaring the following:

  • I will not feel bad that I don’t go through the homework with them (hubby's more patient and less demanding than me in this area)

  • I will do more karaoke, dance-offs, and goofy movie nights

  • I will not feel guilty my cooking never triggers watering mouths and eager glances

  • I will encourage them to believe in aliens and time warp

  • I will not feel bad that I allow myself to express aggravation after the 12th time I’ve said no over the same request

  • I will encourage them to imagine dragons and magic

  • I will not fret over the curse word that slipped out when I stubbed my toe on the dinosaur in the hallway

  • And by all means, I WILL NOT feel guilty showing up to work with toast crumbs, butter smears, and/or jelly globs on my clothes from my children’s hugs on the way out in the morning

That is my "Mommy Creed" from this day forward and I will refer to it when I'm feeling bummed in the mom department.