Friday, December 4, 2009

Talk with the Big Man

The little boys had been preparing for almost two days for the meeting. Excitement and nerves were electrifying at The Norris Ranch. Last years encounter didn't go so well.

Only 2008 Evidence:
I don't even have a photo of Holy Terror. He walked nervously up with the elf then stumbled backwards as Santa reached down from his perch to pick him up, followed by a half crazed run back into my arms and the refusal to let go of my leg.

So this year was important. The stakes were high for both of them. There was no messing around about it.

Gifts were on the line...

I met the family in front of my work where the annual tree lighting and Santa visit was held. Santa always arrives to light up the hospitals beautiful tree.
After selecting some yummies, getting in the line, we visited with friends and coworkers and waited.

The crowd started to murmur then rumble as they spotted Santa arriving in the back of his slick classic truck.
The boys were on the edge. Bouncing around, flipping all over the place. Their energy levels were on the verge of exploding.
After a considerable wait in line it was time. Super Wy grew rather quiet and took my hand voluntarily as he watched the kids ahead of us finish up with the big guy in red. I took them together, they are brothers in arms after all.

And they did it!
After the discussion of Christmas gift needs, Super Wy is about done at this point and saying so. Nevertheless, Holy Terror decides to chat it up with the Big Man.
"Are you and Frosty friends?" he asks.

"Why yes, we are," replied Santa.

"Do you love each other?" Holy Terror continues.
Santa flickers a glance my way then looks back at him. "Y-yes, of course."

With big innocent eyes, Holy Terror comes to the home run question, "Do you kiss?"

I hear the wonderful, full laugh of my husband in the background and a few nervous ones from the Christmas faeries.

" We don't kiss." Santa lets Super Wy slide off his knee and pats Holy Terror's lap. Nudging him towards my outstretched hand, Santa remembers his closing line. "Okay, you have a Merry Christmas."
...and exit stage right...quick.


  1. Oh that is hilarious! I was cracking up reading this one to Casey.

  2. Yeah, very funny...okay, it was funny. I wonder how many kids get Santa to fumble.