Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Day in the Valley

It snowed on the peaks of Napa Valley! This only happens a couple times a year and usually in January or February. But here we are in December and a pretty half-inch of snow shimmered in the distant valley range.

And before me stared two hopeful little red heads (and one tall handsome red head).

"Come on, Mommy! Come with us!" they urged.

So I took off the work for the morning. Now don't worry, I told my boss where I was going so this won't turn into a "surprise your fired" moment.

We drove past my work and I felt the excitement of the adventure come over me. The boys were talking and giggling in the background. Hubby was smiling and joking in the drivers seat.

We were off!

It's hard to describe the beauty of Napa to those who don't live here. There's no words for the depth of richness and the vibrancy of color to do it justice. Let me tell you, this morning she was in her finest form.

Starting out, she gave us the rich golds, greens, and reds of the normal season. As we worked our way up Atlas Peak Road she slowly sprinkled in the shimmery pure white of newly laid snow. Like a woman putting on perfume, Napa just dusted herself with a as not to nauseate the senses or take away from her true assets.

By the time we reached the top there was a solid half-inch of snow to scrape a teeny snowball. True to form, Super Wy acting like his mother and stayed about 30 seconds before wanting back in the sanity and warmth of the car. Holy Terror, I could tell, was freezing his bum off but he stuck it out with Hubby. Now Hubby, he could've probably hung out all day...

So after a quarter of an hour we got back in the suburban and meandered back into the valley. It just goes to show that the major fun of going somewhere is what you see on the way there and back.

Hubby uploaded his favorite photos on Facebook and I've uploaded the full collection onto Picasa (lower right side on the blog). Please take a look when you have a moment or two.

Hope you enjoy the trip as much as we did.

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