Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let the Magic Begin

Last evening was a magical one for Hubby and I. My cousin Jay invited us to his company Christmas dinner party. Off we went to Martinez and to the California Magic Dinner Theatre, owned by Gerry Griffin.

With a painted red carpet and discreet sign above it California Magic, as any good place, was located in a "secret" off-street of their main downtown. Entering the club we were greeted by the wonderful owner, Gerry Griffin, who really did carry a twinkling eye and great smile...just like the information stated.

The inside was fabulous and fun. Adorning the walls (completely covering them) were photos of celebrity magicians. In front was a magic stage all prepared for the holidays with a Christmas Tree.

The drinks were quick to arrive, the wait staff were friendly and funny, and the company of my cousin and hubby were fabulous. As we waited for, and during, our meal the California Magic's resident magicians, Joel Paschall, Hank Morfin, David Hirata, and of course Gerry circulated the tables with magic tricks.

Let me tell you, they were awesome. We were entertained with amazing and unique card tricks, unbelievable sponge ball tricks, and undefinable mental tricks (best description I can give since the guy made an image on his business card change right in front of our eyes).

This magic crew was completely astounding and had me feeling like I was a wondrous child again. I think at one point I even giggled like a 12 year old girl - heck even Jay and Hubby started to smile like little boys.

After our great dinner, Gerry kicked off the feature show with witty jokes, wonderful energy, and great audience engagement. Then he welcomed Alex Ramon, the featured act, to the stage.

Alex was fabulous! Gerry really pulled in some talent with this guy. He's the current Ringmaster and head magician for the Greatest Show on got it, the Ringling Brothers. Not only that, previously he was in the Disney's big touring magic show.

He pulled doves out of hankies, made rings defy the laws of physics, and pulled things out of thin air. This guy was a complete professional and amazing act, and totally approachable and engaging to the audience. I, who has a big fear of clowns and the circus, vowed to go to the next Ringling show if Alex was still the Ringmaster. That's how good he was.

If you live in the Bay Area and want to spend a great evening with truly magical people then you need to drop by California Magic Dinner Theatre in Martinez, California. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much, Jay, for inviting us. It is a memory we'll cherish forever.

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