Friday, December 11, 2009

Hide 'n Seek

Daddy finishes tucking Holy Terror in for bed. Now for Super Wy, but where is he? He's not in the bedroom. He's not in the hallway.

Daddy searches all the rooms in the back of the house. "Super Wy!"

No Super Wy.

Daddy searches the front room and the kitchen. "Super Wy! Little buddy!"

No Super Wy.

Back in the front room, Daddy stops to figure out where his little Wy can be. "Hey, Super Wy! Where are you guy?!"

In the center, by the Christmas tree, the blue upturned wicker basket giggles.

Hmmm...Daddy thinks with a smile on his lips.

"Super Wy!" he hollers, quietly walking over.

The blue basket giggles again, jiggling just a little bit. Daddy leans over the basket....and shakes it. "You in there?!"

The blue basket squeals as it's lifted. Why is wasn't the basket giggling at was Super Wy all along!

Who would've thought?

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