Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hubby and I are talking about our day as we settle in for the evening.

"Oh, I was on YouTube and I found this really cool video," Hubby says as he cruises his fishing site.

"Really?" I reply in serious reservation. You never know where it leads when the conversation starts with this least with Hubby you never know.

"Yeah. It's of this girl who does that..." He trails off here, thinking of the name.

"Homemade sugar rubs?" I ask.

He snaps his finger. "Yes. She does the homemade sugar rubs you want to try."

...Is it just me or is that conversation creepy? He could have been talking about anything and the beginning of the sentence gave NO indication of which direction his thoughts were going. And here I am picking the one of 50 million things it COULD'VE been.

I guess that's the result of a sixteen year relationship. *Shakes head*


  1. Okay, wow. That is a serious mental connection. *twilight zone music*

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  3. Oops, messed up my own comment here *slaps forehead*.

    Heehee...thanks, at least it's just not me.

  4. I think it's cute :-)