Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Umbrella Parade

Stepping out of my office building, I take in a breath of cold January air and then pop open my Monet inspired umbrella. Adjusting my backpack I start the quick walk to my Suburban. Along the way I see many hospital employees coming and going under the protection of their umbrellas.

Some of the umbrellas are pretty standard and match the owner. The dignified long brown umbrella with curved wooden handle suits Mr. Executive very well and is a perfect match to his brown raincoat. The short yellow umbrella with pink and purple plaid strips is a wonderful fit for the nurse jogging towards the building in her bright pink scrubs with teddy bears in diapers.

But some are a surprise. The shy coder who always looks towards the ground holds up a bright green umbrella with wonderful splatters and swirls of blue and red. And the very conservative medical staff lady who always dresses in prim long skirts and librarian shoes is carrying a cute tan umbrella with kitty cats.

It is such a fun walk to the car, that I sit and watch the parade of umbrellas for a few moments before heading out of the parking lot. I never realized that rainy days could be a moment to glimpse into a person's hidden personality.


  1. Ah! I know. A person's choice of umbrella truly is a great indicator of their personality. I don't actually own an umbrella, but if I did it'd probably have a hidden shotgun in it, be covered in spiked and have be able to turn into a sword or something ;)