Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Friends Pain

A good friend of mine just found out her sister has metastatic breast cancer in the bones. My heart broke as I read those words and the emotions behind them. I’m a family member who suffered the loss of someone from a form of metastatic cancer. The grief is inexpressible. There is no encouragement, consoling, or action adequate enough.

All the memories from the past flood in and sharpen the clenching hurt inside you. The smallest weaves of your relationship with them become beacons of awareness throughout your day. The small three-minute calls, the nit-picky disagreements, the hugs and loving gestures that in a normal day wouldn’t have given you a second thought. Now it all is so important and hold so much meaning. The minuscule layers all those small traits and actions make up a thick and important part of your life.

The strength and loyalty of my friend is amazing. The next several months will be a test of that strength. As her friend I wish so much to be by her side but the physical distance is too great for that. Instead, I hope she knows and feels the endless emotional and spiritual support from my family and me.

I love you, sweetie and will be here whenever you need me. Call whenever, email as needed. I’ll be there for you. We will be thinking of you constantly and love you all.


  1. You have no idea how much it means to know you are in my life. Thank you for these words!!

  2. You're welcome, honey. Don't forget.