Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Day Rest and Relaxation....

Oh wait, that's right. It's the Norris Household. Rainy days mean increased craziness and overall chaos. Here a list of important rainy day facts for the Norris Ranch:
  • Superheros are stuck in doors, which mean the bad guys and monsters have to be inside too.
  • There's MANY arguments - er, discussions - about why little boys can't play in the rain shirtless and shoeless.
  • Mommy instinct increases to detect all potential escape attempts.
  • The dogs will be TP'd, lassoed, and generally harassed more than usual.
  • Mommy hair will be tufts and wild by lunchtime.
  • Teenagers will be in full retaliation mode about the same time.
  • Older sister and brother will be targets of toddler attacks and harassment (categorized in same group as dogs by little soldier's of anarchy).
  • Parents bedroom will be broken into at least 3 times and nail polish and hairspray will end up in someones eye (usually the younger toddler as he's the weakest in the herd).
  • At least 4 minor injuries and 1 major by dinner time.
  • Bedtime will be early...for mommy's sake.

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of the average rainy weekend day at our house. I can laugh about it now...


  1. GEEEZ mom!!! Shirtless and shoeless is the ONLY way to go. I am SO glad i am not the only one that has that problem.

  2. LOL! That's our house during a rain storm. Two school-age girls vs two lazy mastiffs while Baby Boy sits in his swing cheering the fight on indiscriminately.

  3. Shirts? Shoes? are you crazy moms?! Pfft! I'd say it was just boys...but Scarlet used to run around in just her bikini bottom.

    haha! that's so cute, Liana! Your girls have a pre-established spectator....totally awesome!