Saturday, June 19, 2010

#1 Dad

You know how I can tell he's a great dad? From the first look at his first child in the hospital, Ash has fretted over every move he's made as a dad. Ashley's greatest gift to his children is time. He always sets aside time to answer their questions. And not just a 1 or 2 word blanket answer either. He gets down to their eye level and answer the question, then tells them the how and why of the answer.

He shows the kids through example how to be a great man, parent, brother, and overall family member. He teaches my boys to respect woman as equals, and teaches all our kids to give priority to family first, to help neighors like family, and help strangers like neighbors.

What's so special about him is that none of it's a burden. He takes the responsibility as a gift and even though he has stressful days, he cherishes each of his children for their uniqueness. He blesses the children with stability, love, and nurturing that goes above and beyond.

Happy father's day, honey! We all love you!


  1. Thanks honey!!!!

  2. Lovely post and obviously a wonderful dad. Hats off to Ash 'cause the world needs dads like you.