Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Good to Be Home

Three Days away from home, and every day I kept thinking about what the kids were doing. I wondered if they were eating all their meals, having fun, and going to bed on time.

Daytime at the conference wasn't too bad, but the evening was when it really hit. Walking through Chinatown and knowing what each kid would flip about, and wishing they were there so they could. Eating at an old 50s diner and knowing what the kids would order.

And worse, not being able to give them a kiss and hug good night. Hearing about their day over the phone is just not the same. I missed the gestures and expressions that go with the stories.

But, now I'm home and it feels good. It's pretty cool to walk in and know immediately you're part of something. My little crew hugged and talked, and tried to catch me up on everything I missed.

Man, I love my little Norris crew.

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