Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Graduation Celebration

I remember when we first met. Nerves were on hyper drive as Hubby and I pulled up to his parents house. Their house, as usual during holidays, was totally decked out. His mother loves decorating; just think Martha Stewart x's 100. (Not kidding, at least 1 decorated tree in every room with a different theme...including bedrooms.)

No, it wasn't the first meeting with his parents (we'd already done that)...it was his little niece, Chelsea.

I walked in and saw the cutest 3 year old decked out in a beautiful Christmas dress and her pretty dark hair curling down her back. I fell in love. It wasn't until later that I realized it was the feeling of becoming an Auntie for the first time.

Now - so many years later - it was a sweet but sad moment yesterday evening, I watched her walk the stage to graduate high school. In my mind she's still that pretty little girl with the dimpled smile and bubbly giggle.

The greatest Auntie moment was when during the reception, she introduced me to her friends. It's always a kick to hear, "This is my Aunt Amber."

*Heart sigh*

Congrat's my wonderful Chelsea! You deserve it and Uncle and I can't wait to see the woman you become.

(In Photo: Hubby, Chelsea, Sister-in-Law Barbara)
Okay, I'm going to go cry again...but don't worry, they're happy tears.

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