Thursday, June 10, 2010

Drama Queen Did It!

Drama Queen did it! She promoted from 8th grade. Next fall she'll be a high schooler. Through laughter, tears, chaos, and yes...drama, my girl made it through three years of middle school.

She looked beautiful on promotion day in a flower dress, high heels, and curly strawberry-blonde hair. Taking pictures in the yard that morning, I tried to hold on to the last moments of her still being my young girl, knowing it was fruitless. The years go by so fast and as we took those pictures together and I had to look up just slightly at hit me that even though she's not my young girl anymore...she's still my baby.

The dimples when she laughs and smiles still tell me of the wonderful happiness she brings us. The pinched brow when she's aggravated tells us the emotional connection we will always have. And the ease of which she cuddles and hugs tell us of the parent/daughter love we have for each other.

So now my daughter, always known for her high energy, independent spirit, and non-filtered opinions is heading to high school. I'm secretly looking forward to the first call from the principals office because Drama Queen's laying out her 4 year vision for the school.

She really is an awesome force to encounter, but the truest friend, student and daughter you'll ever meet.

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