Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Calm Moments

The first summer night, a lukewarm breeze cooling the hot air of the day. The sky watered down by city lights, allowing only the brightest and biggest stars to twinkle down. The scents of grass and pool water mix with those of the garden and concrete.

Hubby sits on a patio chair and I relax on the back stoop. With his legs crossed in that way I've only seen Norris men do, he's got his cigarette propped on his lips and is looking out at the dark. He glances over and grins, his dark green eyes sparkling even in the darkness. I smile back and nod, then look back out at the sky.

Not too much talking, just enjoying the calm moment of our house. Those moments are a rarity and reminds me that Hubby and I are more than just parents. More than just providers.

We're a couple, partners in life even when the dogs grow old and pass on. Even when the kids grow up and move on to their own life. It's nice to know that even when we have nothing much to say, we can feel completely connected.

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