Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Chips

Super Wy's hand pops up from the end of the counter and reaches out.

"No chips until the soups ready," Daddy says.

Super Wy's hand disappears, empty handed. Daddy continues prepping lunch. Several moments later, Holy Terror walks in, chip in hand.

"Where'd you...?" Daddy spots Super Wy standing near the front room holding the chip bag. "Put those chips back."

Super Wy gallops in place, a smile on his lips and victory in his eyes.

"Dang it, Wy. Give me those chips." Daddy tries to hold back a grin.

Super Wy wiggles and dances with the bag. Daddy approaches, reaches out, and grabs for the bag. At the same time Super Wy grabs a fistful of chips and giggles.

"Super Wy! Drop the chips!" Daddy's trying hard not to laugh.

Super Wy drops some back in and runs off with the rest.

...Mission accomplished...

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