Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drake's Fish Story

(This is a story from what Hubby and I perceive our dog Drake's point of view was, based on his facial expressions and body language)

I'm awakened by noise in the backyard and rise to get surveillance of the situation. It is too late and the family is sleeping. Worry turns to relief and excitement as my Human Daddy walks in, smelling like fish. Oh man, I wish he'd take me to play with the fishes some time.

Oh, what's this? He's got a cooler with him. Maybe he'll have some snacks! I keep close and make sure my innocent and good expression is clearly on my face. The hiss from Hazae scares me and I quickly search to find him. Phew! He's on the counter. Jeez, what's wrong with that cat? Always so mean, can't even nuzzle him.

I'm going to sit and see what Daddy's brought home for us. Oh! Look at that! A new pet, and it's a fish! I've always wanted a fish to play with. We'll be best friends, I just know it. Oh, Daddy, I love you. We can name him Frank!

Wait...what the...what's he doing? Okay, maybe the fish has to have a bath. It's not nice to start a relationship with a bath, but Daddy's don't always know that. Humans seem to be fond of them. *Shudders*

Is that plastic thing going to be his bed? That seems kind of hard. He can borrow my soft doggie bed if he wants, Dad.

W-what are you doing with the knife? Dad? Um...I don't think Fr- Oh my God! What are you doing?!

The End.

(Don't feel so bad. That's what fish are for. Though Ash did feel too bad to eat the fish in front of Drake.)

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